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In the summer of 1974, AHMED PASHA HAMZA received a phone call from Mr. ABBAS EL BOGHDADLY the agent of Mr. ARISTOTLE ONASIS expressing Mr.& Mrs. ONASIS wish to visit HAMDAN STABLES. The date of the visit was set and the esteemed group arrived six days later on a beautiful nice weather . The group included Mr. & Mrs. ONASIS, JOHN KENNEDY (Junior), CAROLINE KENNEDY and two of their friends along with Mr. ABBAS EL BOGHDADLY

HAMZA PASHA and his family welcomed the distinguished group in his house at TAHANOUB then he offered them and their friend’s tea and refreshments, after that the horse show started, first by dancing horses then the HAMDAN horses show. Mrs. ONASIS (JACKLEEN) offered sugar to one of the mares, and rode another. Mr. ONASIS left after two hours for a business meeting in Cairo. Jackleen, her son, daughter and friends stayed for another two and half hours where they took a walk through the stables at the end of the visit HAMZA PASHA presented a young mare to MRS. ONASIS as a present.

As for my personal experience meeting with Mr. & Mrs. ONASIS was a great privilege. At that time I was 21 years old and I was deeply impressed by their politeness and decency. Jackleen is one of the most remarkable and distinguished ladies I have ever met in my life

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