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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man..

About Hamdan Satbles

Ahmed Pasha Hamza, the founder of the hamdan stables, started breeding Arabians in 1905 when his uncle gave him his first Arabian with silver saddle as a gift, From then on he continued to breed Arabians, and in 1942 he decided to establish a very large stud with the rarest and best bloodlines available.The Hamdan Stables' most famous and beautiful stallion, Hamdan, was acquired at the auction of the Inshass Stud when it was liquidated after the exile of King Farouk who in 1940 had offered the Royal Agricultural Society one hundred and twenty thousand pounds to buy this magnificent horse.When Hamza Pasha bought Hamdan the horse could not even stand from hunger and mistreatment.Through love and devotion Hamdan miraculously recovered and produced, despite his advanced age, breathtaking mares and stallions.In gratitude Hamza Pasha named his flourishing stud "Hamdan" which mean "Thankful".This very same horse Hamdan breeders in 1948 offered to buy this magnifucent horse for a large sum of money, but the king refused to sell him.Later, owing to the revolution, some of the horses of the Hamdan Stables were sold publicly."He who loves does not get tired" is an Arabic saying which Hamza Pasha proved to be true by buying back most of his horses from the people who bought them at the revolution sale.Although in his late seventies, his determination to breed Arabians was as ever, and with selection for top quality and bloodlines his stud reached its peak again.In May 1977 Hamza Pasha passed away leaving behind him a unique model of the the ideal Arabian horse breeder.A distinct stable arose from the original: owned by his son Sobhi Hamza and later,  Sobhi Hamza passed away in 1984, his son Ahmed Hamza followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Today, HAMDAN STABLES are run by Ahmed Hamza and his two daughters AMIRA and IMAN.
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